Date de Sortie: 2020-03-25
video pub PlayStation Call of Duty: Warzone | Aperçu des coulisses du développement | PS4 2020 • Call of Duty: Warzone est disponible sur PS4.

Maintenant que vous y avez joué, découvrez un aperçu des coulisses de Warzone.

00:00 big Edie's Rita with more zone we're
00:04 taking all dirty to a new era it's a new
00:06 experience suddenly players have never
00:08 seen before you want to have these
00:13 larger battle these more social battles
00:15 it's awesome to be at the forefront of
00:17 that words on Julie exciting for us
00:20 because it's our own first free-to-play
00:22 platform
00:26 we wanted to make war zone because big
00:29 open-world games really excite us and we
00:32 really want to have no boundaries for
00:34 new players and with cross play everyone
00:37 can jump in and have fun
00:40 game developers you always want to push
00:41 yourself to the largest player count
00:43 called that he's ever seen it's a
00:44 hundred fifty players just developing it
00:47 and seeing the team's interaction of
00:49 passion for it it's been great to see
00:52 at war zone we have multiple game modes
00:54 first we have battle royale having a
00:58 huge fan of battle royale games but to
01:00 be able to bring the biggest one and
01:02 call it vedas history it's been an
01:03 awesome experience
01:09 a lot of people have preconceived
01:10 notions about Battle Royale and we
01:13 wanted to break through and bring true
01:14 innovation we've added an economy system
01:18 where you can plug cash go to a kiosk
01:20 and buy new equipment you can upgrade
01:23 yourself through buy armor a gas mask
01:25 killstreaks and there's even an
01:27 opportunity to buy your squadmates back
01:28 if they've been eliminate from the match
01:33 one of the key innovations that we've
01:36 brought to battle royale is contracts
01:38 they're the contract tablets that
01:40 players can pick up and it gives each to
01:41 their squads and mission
01:43 we've got three contracts in the game
01:45 currently we have a recon scavenger and
01:48 bounty and when they complete these
01:50 contracts they earn rewards better loot
01:51 and more cash but does the map is so big
01:54 and you added five different vehicles
01:56 you have an ATV is tat for over an SUV
01:59 this big cargo truck and helicopters the
02:03 combination of all of those when people
02:05 start traversing they run into each
02:07 other and we get these big road warrior
02:08 fights it's super exciting
02:12 another key innovation is the Gulag
02:15 usually in a battle royale when you die
02:17 it's over but when a player is
02:19 eliminated they get throwing this 1v1
02:21 scenario the one who wins is thrown back
02:23 into the match we also have a brand new
02:30 mode called plunder
02:32 [Music]
02:35 it's a bunch of teams dropping into the
02:37 map and the team that collects the most
02:38 money wins the game we've taken the
02:42 fast-paced action of a Call of Duty
02:43 multiplayer match put it into a larger
02:46 scale and then added a new element you
02:49 earn cash and plunder through opening up
02:51 supply creates finding us on the ground
02:52 hunting enemies and then completing
02:54 contracts you can have this cash on your
02:58 person but you can also banker the
03:00 positive that cash and you can either go
03:02 to a helipad to deposit that cash that's
03:04 gonna be a hot stone other players know
03:06 that you're there you also have these
03:10 cash deposit balloons that's an easy way
03:13 to secure your money no one else can
03:14 take it back so throughout the mode
03:17 you're balancing am i trying to acquire
03:19 money am i trying to fight other players
03:20 am i trying to secure my money and I
03:22 think it's that in-depth that makes this
03:24 mode so great and so unique
03:26 [Applause]
03:31 we put a lot of work into it and seeing
03:33 the community's reaction to it keeps us
03:35 driving forward to see players exploring
03:37 the map and using it in different ways
03:39 it's really really rewarding it's
03:42 something we're super excited to keep
03:44 playing and keep evolving you've
03:46 delivered a Triple A experienced war
03:47 zone there's nothing like this war zone
03:50 is free for everyone right now so squad
03:52 up and drop in
03:58 you
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