Date de Sortie: 2020-02-07
video pub Nissan Filming the 2020 GT-R Nismo: the ultimate camera car 2020 • The Nissan 2020 GT-R Nismo: the purest incarnation yet of high-thrills speed and agility, but a blink of the eye and you’ll miss it! To capture this stunning machine in its natural habitat, there’s only one camera car with the specs that can do the job – another Nissan GT-R, specially adapted by renowned precision driver Mauro Calo.

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00:13 The day this thing was launched in 2007
00:15 it completely changed what we knew about supercars.
00:26 Nissan basically got the supercar rulebook
00:28 and ripped it apart,
00:30 and they gave us this 3.8-litre V6 twin turbo.
00:41 Because it’s four-wheel-drive it works perfectly as a camera car.
00:48 In terms of the versatility of the car,
00:50 we’ve built it so it can handle
00:51 everything from the Flight Head Mini you see on it now,
00:54 right down to if you want to load it with 360 degree GoPros.
00:57 That means we can add a lot of equipment to it
01:00 and it doesn’t actually interfere with how the car handles too badly.
01:02 Everything on that car is completely bespoke:
01:05 from the Flight Head Mini
01:06 to the dual black arm that supports the camera and allows it to flex.
01:10 We had to take all the bodywork off
01:12 and we’ve welded and mounted
01:14 aluminium to the crash structure,
01:15 and that gives it super strong support.
01:20 Although you can see the camera on the front at the moment,
01:22 the chaps at Motion Remote who have helped me design the car
01:25 have made it so we can move front to back in about twenty minutes.
01:34 Why did I choose an R35 Nissan GT-R?
01:36 Well basically, there are so few cars on the market
01:39 that have the all-round ability that this car does.
01:41 It’s known for its reliability,
01:43 it’s as fast as most supercars at the moment,
01:46 it’s four-wheel-drive so it works in the wet and the dry,
01:48 it’s sturdy, and it’s very safe.
01:58 In terms of crew in the car, we have a maximum of four people -
02:01 so myself driving it,
02:02 we have a camera operator in the front,
02:04 a director in the back,
02:05 and if needed a focus puller or our camera technician.
02:08 So we can have four people maximum.
02:10 When we’re moving around and when we’re filming,
02:12 we don’t have to wait
02:13 or ask our star car to slow down for us;
02:15 we just keep up with it because it’s just so fast.
02:19 In terms of its color you might ask why it looks like it needs a good polish,
02:22 but actually it’s designed to be matte black
02:24 because that absorbs the light. It doesn’t reflect light
02:26 in the car we are filming.
02:31 I’ve been running this thing for about six months now;
02:33 I’m still using the same tyres,
02:34 it still doesn’t need a brake change.
02:36 You do hear horror stories of how cars with this kind of performance
02:39 need a lot of upkeep.
02:40 This has been absolutely fantastic.
02:42 So I was very privileged when Nissan
02:43 gave me a call to ask
02:45 to help create some footage for the launch of the new 2020 GT-R NISMO.
02:48 Because basically this is the only purpose-built camera car
02:51 that has any chance of keeping up with this new NISMO.
02:59 It’s an absolute monster! - Nissan pub spot 2020

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