Date de Sortie: 2020-01-08
video pub Christian Dior Behind Charlize Theron’s Golden Globes Gown 2020 • Join actress and friend of the House Charlize Theron as she prepares for the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards! In this video, discover the inspiration and the exceptional savoir-faire that went into the making of her red carpet look, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for the occasion. The gown is composed of youthful green silk crêpe and hand-draped in our Ateliers, involving more than 200 hours of craftsmanship. Also hear what Leslie Fremar, Charlize Theron’s stylist, has to say about the gown and how they came up with the idea for this modern peplum look!

00:01 Going to the Globes!
00:05 Charlize and I, we’ve worked together
00:08 definitely 10+ years.
00:11 Being a celebrity stylist is really a collaborative job
00:15 where you’re kind of coming up with ideas
00:17 and images for someone else
00:20 so I think it’s about finding that synergy,
00:22 which is what I really love about it.
00:24 Charlize Theron is more than the image of the House,
00:27 she’s a friend of the House
00:28 and she divinely embodies all of Maria Grazia’s designs.
00:32 For the Globes, Charlize said to me:
00:35 ‘I’m just having this feeling of just loving green,
00:38 can we wear something green?’, and I was like:
00:41 ‘let me talk to Maria Grazia,’
00:42 and they came back with a beautiful sketch.
00:44 It’s a type of modern peplum,
00:46 a peplum made from silk crêpe
00:50 in a green called ‘Kelly green’.
00:52 It’s a really amazing, bright, youthful,
00:54 acid green color, and we just fell in love with it, and that’s it.
00:59 It’s crazy to even think that
01:01 after 25 years of being in this business and doing red carpets
01:04 that I haven’t worn this color…
01:05 For Charlize especially, we will always make a bustier,
01:08 to give a beautiful base,
01:09 and on top of this, the dress is draped directly.
01:12 Once the draping is fully harmonious,
01:15 it is pleated on the mannequin,
01:17 with pleats that are made to fit her body.
01:20 Since 2009, I’ve followed every gown for Charlize.
01:23 It’s a long history.
01:24 I think what people don’t know when you see
01:28 the final product is the hours of pattern-making
01:31 and sewing and even sourcing.
01:34 We do multiple fittings, it is definitely not done overnight. - Dior pub spot 2020

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