Date de Sortie: 2019-12-29
video pub CALVIN KLEIN A Day In The Life Of Anuthida Ploypetch 2019 • Anuthida Ploypetch Unlocks her day with CALVIN KLEIN 🔓 taking us to her favorite Berlin spots with her boyfriend Richard Koll, showing us her art and more. What Unlocks you? Show us ▷ #MYCALVINS

00:07 Hey guys, come in.
00:10 You arrived at the right time because we woke up.
00:13 We just kinda woke up.
00:16 shhh
00:18 Morgen
00:19 Morgen
00:21 This is my boyfriend Richard, this is Leonardo and I am Anuthida and this is my day Unlocked in My Calvins.
00:31 I'm definitely not that kind of morning person.
00:35 No she isn't.
00:37 I'm a morning grouch and
00:39 yeah I need my time in the morning to wake up and snooze a little bit.
00:45 I love to start my day with yoga and now I will take you to my favorite place and show
00:49 you my yoga routine.
00:52 So we're here at my favorite yoga place, John Reed Woman's Club.
00:56 I prefer to start my day with yoga because it helps me to prepare me for my
01:01 day and for all those challenges to get focused. I realize I have to work on
01:06 myself on my mental, on my past I've never worked on and I want to deal with things
01:12 for the future and for the present, to live in the moment.
01:21 So I'm done with my yoga workout
01:22 and now I would go to the coffee shop and spend some time with myself.
01:29 I like to visit coffee shops to spend some time with myself and then get out of my
01:33 comfort zone and my house to not get distracted by the TV or something and
01:38 write some thoughts down and work a little bit to get a little creative.
01:42 I always have in my bag my laptop to edit some pictures and a notebook to write
01:47 some thoughts down.
01:49 I realize it's so much better to write your own thoughts
01:51 by hand, letter by letter, because it's like you make your thoughts
01:55 tangible and realize your visions, make plans and re-write your past, present and future.
02:04 You don't have to do many things
02:06 or nothing has to happen a
02:08 lot to be a good and beautiful day.
02:11 The little things in life are beautiful too
02:16 Hello!
02:20 Richy just picked me up and we will go to the supermarket to buy some
02:24 ingredients we will cook later.
02:28 Driving through Berlin.
02:30 Oh yeah.
02:31 I visited Berlin in the last three, four years.
02:35 Very, very often.
02:37 We met in Berlin for the first time and
02:40 Then we decided to move together.
02:46 So we're here in Kreuzberg, at the market.
02:49 to buy some ingredients for us for cooking at home.
02:52 What we're cooking today is a
02:54 little bit of salmon, rice and salad I guess.
03:03 Danke schon!
03:18 We just came back home from the supermarket.
03:21 This is our living room and
03:23 our creative workspace.
03:26 I'm sitting in front of my first painting
03:29 I drew one year ago.
03:31 I wouldn't say I'm an artist or something
03:33 it's just more like
03:34 a hobby to
03:37 express my feelings, our feelings
03:39 to combine colors.
03:43 Maybe tell stories.
03:47 We love cooking at home and to be honest Richy has taught me
03:54 because I never cooked at home before.
03:55 Now we're cooking together.
03:59 All the time and it's really good thing I guess.
04:05 Because we want to live a healthy and balanced life, we don't really drink alcohol
04:09 or go clubbing, but even if you don't drink alcohol doesn't mean you
04:13 can't enjoy nightlife and cocktails.
04:15 So we're at Basalt and Kieran is gonna
04:18 mix us some non-alcoholic drinks.
04:21 Okay so, we have three choices for you.
04:23 The first one is our Cold Turkey it's the most sweetest and the most fruity one.
04:27 It's with peach juice, homemade lavender syrup, a little bit of lemon juice for sourness and we
04:32 top it up with soda water.
04:33 The second one is the Liberty Fizz and it is based on
04:37 cold brew coffee, with salted caramel syrup, a little bit of lime and to top it
04:42 up with a grapefruit lemonade.
04:44 The last one is the Appetizer, it's apple juice,
04:48 fresh cucumber, apple vinegar and a little bit of walnut bitters.
04:54 Thank You.
04:56 I know what's my favorite.
04:57 This one
04:57 This one is my favorite.
04:58 For me, this one is my favorite.
04:59 Yeah.
05:00 This is my favorite. I can drink it
05:02 all night.
05:04 Thank you very much.
05:06 You're welcome, thank you guys.
05:10 Thank you so much for following us around Berlin today.
05:13 I hope you enjoyed it and
05:15 Prost!
05:16[cheers] - CALVIN KLEIN pub spot 2019

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