Date de Sortie: 2019-12-20
video pub Louis Vuitton Letters on Leather | The Art of Craftsmanship 2019 • The second episode of the new series turns to the heart of LouisVuitton’s craft: leather goods. As we journey through life, we should carry our most valued belongings with the confidence of 160 years of unparalleled craftsmanship.

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00:05 as you journey through life what do you
00:08 carry with you a wardrobe for a summer
00:11 abroad the day's necessities the books
00:14 you can't live without we trust our
00:16 belongings to leather goods they declare
00:19 our sense of style and our sense of self
00:22 and should be made with nothing but the
00:24 best
00:26 welcome to onion for over 160 years this
00:30 is where Louie Vuitton has
00:31 revolutionized luggage and everyday
00:33 essentials it starts with an idea before
00:36 the finest leathers most meticulous
00:38 methods and surest hands transform them
00:42 into a reality
00:43 this same expertise is used in all of
00:45 our ateliers including where the iconic
00:48 keep all is crafted introduced in 1924
00:51 the key ball remains one of Louisville's
00:53 most sought-after designs as the
00:57 craftsmanship is passed down through
00:58 generations little about this timeless
01:01 design has changed except for when it's
01:04 completely reimagined
01:07 as connected to tradition as Louie
01:09 Vuitton remains we also constantly
01:12 reinvent the possibilities even our most
01:15 classic women's handbags are
01:17 continuously seen with new eyes and
01:19 infused with modern ideas it could be
01:22 new hardware and involves design / new
01:25 interpretation but each starts with
01:27 leather that is cut and stitched pressed
01:29 and refined and fold it into its unique
01:32 silhouette that's instantly recognizable
01:35 around the world this balance of
01:37 expertise heritage and modernity is also
01:40 on display with men's leather goods a
01:42 steadfast insistence on quality enriched
01:45 with new techniques and innovation has
01:47 led to the creation of many iconic
01:49 styles each bag is crafted to its stand
01:52 the test of time but designed with an
01:54 eye towards the future because if
01:56 there's one thing we know it's that the
01:58 art of travel will continue to evolve
02:00 and Louie Latour will continue to insist
02:02 on innovation and perfection with every
02:05 detailed design and item because as you
02:08 journey through life you should carry
02:10 your most valued belongings with the
02:12 confidence of a century and a half of
02:14 unparalleled craftsmanship and the
02:17 ultimate stamp of authenticity
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