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video pub ONE Media A CHRISTMAS PRINCE 3: THE ROYAL BABY Official Trailer (2019) Netflix Christmas Movie HD 2019 • A CHRISTMAS PRINCE 3: THE ROYAL BABY Official Trailer (2019) A Christmas Prince 3, Netflix Romantic Movie HD
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00:00 [Music]
00:15 do you have any names to share no I've
00:21 been thinking I want this baby to have a
00:23 normal life look child will be heir to
00:25 the kingdom still I went to public
00:27 school and I was riding the subway by
00:29 myself when I was 10
00:30 we'll find a new definition of normal
00:32 together there's subway riding well
00:35 luckily for you Aldo via doesn't have a
00:37 subway tonight your Majesties the truce
00:41 between Aldo via and pain Lea I'll be
00:44 the first Queen to sign it pregnant are
00:46 quite traditional we the Queen's could
00:48 bring the treaty up to date you wish to
00:50 modernize our 600 year old tradition
00:53 history isn't made by those who follow
00:55 rules may I also offer our service I
00:59 have seen the artifact it's a bit tacky
01:02 it's a priceless work of art it is my
01:06 honor to preside over the sacred truth
01:09 let the signing begin perhaps now can be
01:16 replaced with something more palatable
01:18 who in this palace had the means the
01:21 opportunity the motive
01:22 if the sake of truce is broken there'll
01:24 be a curse on the firstborn child if the
01:27 treaty isn't signed by midnight
01:28 Christmas Eve it takes effect the treaty
01:32 is missing and if we don't find it our
01:34 baby is cursed you're gonna have to
01:36 explain that one it's a long story
01:38 emphasis on story I'll be on the first
01:40 legend Oh could you please bring me some
01:42 bagels don't judge my cravings
01:45 [Music]
01:48 it's going to be fun
01:50 [Music]
01:53 I don't know if I'm ready to be a queen
01:55 and a mom
01:58 the plane is standing by would dupatta
02:01 first clearing I know you don't believe
02:03 in the curse but right now I need your
02:05 help
02:05 we'll leave no stone unturned no one
02:09 does Christmas like the Aldo viens
02:15 [Music]
02:17 what is it I can't even reach my own
02:20 slippers
02:21 hanami perfect fit
02:26 [Music]
02:28 you
02:39 you - ONE Media pub spot 2019

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