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Video pub Beats by Dre Sam Kerr

Date de Sortie: 2019-11-16
video pub Beats by Dre Sam Kerr 2019 • Professional athlete, Sam Kerr gives us insight into her life as a Pro soccer player and how she overcomes adversity with music as the vehicle.

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00:00 [Music]
00:00 people say like when you were younger
00:03 what did you want to be and I always
00:05 wanted to be a professional athlete and
00:06 I just never thought any different the
00:11 Italy game was like I could feel that
00:14 the vibe wasn't right within the team
00:16 and feel the tension growing that
00:19 there's a psych center breakout was
00:20 something bad is gonna happen you go
00:23 through like the blame game there wasn't
00:25 anything wrong other than yourself I'm
00:28 like a sore loser I don't want to face
00:30 what just happened for me that's a
00:32 really difficult thing at the moment is
00:34 like feeling weird pressure or outside
00:36 annoys me the first thing that kind of
00:39 gets being motivated once I've had a big
00:41 loss whether that's on the treadmill
00:42 going for a run or just keeping the ball
00:44 you get back into a good mood and then
00:47 just you wanting to train again you're
00:51 just like out there having fun playing
00:53 football and like no one can touch you
00:56 all this the most important thing about
01:00 for a life the people that are around
01:02 you that love you and care about you
01:04 it's all about relationships family and
01:07 friends
01:07 [Music] - Beats by Dre pub spot 2019

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Date de sortie: 2019-11-16

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