Date de Sortie: 2019-11-13
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US Release Date: November 22, 2019
Starring: Tom Hanks, Enrico Colantoni, Matthew Rhys
Directed By: Marielle Heller
Synopsis: Based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.

00:00 [Music]
00:10 [Music]
00:18 we're doing an issue on inspirational
00:21 people Oh
00:22 mr. Rogers hello neighbor beloved
00:25 children's television house it's so good
00:27 to see you again today
00:28 you hired me as an investigative
00:30 journalist I don't puff pieces 400 words
00:32 play nice mr. Rogers I'm here to
00:37 interview you it is so nice to meet you
00:40 this piece will be for an issue about
00:42 heroes do you consider yourself a hero I
00:49 insisted he read you before we agreed
00:52 and today every article we could find
00:57 okay profiling mr. Rogers on our program
01:02 I tried to look through the camera into
01:04 the eyes of a single child it's just
01:07 about the nicest person I've ever met I
01:09 just don't know if he's for real Boyd
01:11 please come on my child all these people
01:16 line up to tell you their problems that
01:19 would be an internal burden on you
01:21 sometimes we have to ask for help and
01:23 that's okay you love broken people like
01:28 me I don't think you were broken
01:38 [Music]
01:41 we need to let people know that each one
01:44 of them is precious roll sound
01:50 Daniel you said I'm set Thank You Daniel
01:53 did you just talk to the puppet please
01:56 I'm talking
02:06 [Music] - Movieclips Trailers pub spot 2019

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