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Video pub Canal+ The Banker Trailer #1 (2019)

Date de Sortie: 2019-11-05
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US Release Date: December 6, 2019
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Nia Long, Nicholas Hoult
Directed By: George Nolfi
Synopsis: Story of one of the first African American bankers in the US.

00:02 so let your plant mr. Guerra how would
00:07 you like to buy a bank what the hell do
00:09 we know about banking owning a bank is
00:11 like only on the other side of the real
00:12 estate business there's a few
00:13 complexities you just left out like what
00:16 oh I'm sorry did I not wake up black
00:18 this morning cuz I'm pretty sure I did
00:20 yep still black I'm not my head full of
00:24 dreams I came here to try my hand at
00:29 real estate
00:30 you met a millionaire unit you know the
00:34 time nervous I like seeing black men
00:37 succeed sometimes they even invest on my
00:40 own money to back I know you're smart
00:42 and ambitious
00:43 you're not both no that's not enough
00:45 it's time to someone shine a bright
00:47 light in order for things to change you
00:50 thought in a bad real estate and white
00:52 only neighborhoods be why now think
00:56 about all the good we can do for the
00:58 community for you taking it to the main
01:00 that's exactly what we're gonna do
01:06 and just how in the hell do you plan or
01:10 pull it natto we get Matt to front
01:13 floors you want me to what be us to the
01:17 rest of the world we can't set foot in
01:20 the bank best way to help shoulda took
01:23 limo driver when you had the chance I
01:25 don't know anything about banking I
01:27 don't know how to buy a bank will teach
01:29 you everything you need to know
01:31 you gotta learn how to talk to rich
01:32 white folks like you one up and you
01:34 can't fake a golf game make me proud son
01:40 whole country's talking about how to
01:43 grow managed by two banks full of white
01:46 folks money and loan it of enigmas you
01:50 should have known you couldn't keep this
01:51 a secret very long FBI you can't arrest
01:54 a black man just to bring all the
01:55 brothers up dacent our
01:58 oh and you're living something's got to
02:02 give
02:03 something's got to give even a rigged
02:06 gang is fun to play but now if this was
02:08 easy somebody else would have done it a
02:10 long time ago
02:13 yeah you revolutionary
02:15 [Music]
02:30 you - Canal+ pub spot 2019

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Date de sortie: 2019-11-05

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