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video pub ONE Media DOLLFACE Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Kat Dennings, TV Series HD 2019 • DOLLFACE Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Kat Dennings, TV Series HD
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00:00 I don't love you anymore I really am
00:02 sorry Jules what about all the plans we
00:04 have coming up Lake Tahoe in December I
00:07 mean it's my company's retreat
00:09 Ramona's wedding this spring you mean
00:11 Ramona my sister should I be aware of
00:13 anything else in my life that completely
00:15 revolves around you that's my sweatshirt
00:17 but I don't need you I don't know what
00:20 to do now boyfriend I'm out together
00:23 every day Bert a decade now things are
00:25 getting weird why have you never seen an
00:28 old cat lady before if you're here it
00:31 means you need some help getting back
00:33 that's spending time with other women
00:36 your personal relationships have all
00:38 expired are you think I don't have any
00:40 friends you have no friends I'm the
00:43 Prince I'll be just taking a second to
00:46 load don't touch my property was so
00:49 caught up in my relationship that I
00:51 abandoned entire gender' of friendships
00:54 oh my god Jeremy broke up with you
00:57 that's crazy I'm here to see you Jeremy
01:03 broke up with me I want us all to be
01:07 friends again we've got a lot to teach
01:09 you I'm not letting you miss girls night
01:11 out will not be a buzzkill level mom EFS
01:13 California you are charged with
01:15 murdering the buzz in the first degree
01:19 he's moved on so should you what you
01:22 need right now is a hot guy so you can
01:24 hook up with them they'll never actually
01:25 date him you look like someone who's
01:28 ready to take home the man of her dreams
01:29 seems great for Reba Oh our gentlemen in
01:32 the showroom aren't available for a
01:34 short-term lease five all these are as
01:36 is ready to go home tonight my spare
01:38 time I really love to play with Legos
01:43 [Music]
01:44 dude Ben Moe I'm so van mowing you
01:47 you've really been putting the effort to
01:49 be a functioning woman with actual
01:51 friends who are not her cat like I have
01:52 been doing amazing at being a girl no
01:56 one said that for me amazing for me I
02:00 accidently liked my ex-boyfriends new
02:02 girlfriend Instagram where is it how
02:06 long ago did you like it 30 seconds
02:08 she's seen it BAM
02:10 we're gonna need you to step inside
02:14 [Music]
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