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00:00 [Music]
00:00 my connection to the arts is music I
00:04 grew up singing in the church that's how
00:07 we communicate that's how we relate my
00:09 first memories of performance go back to
00:11 when I was in Pennsylvania growing up my
00:13 favorite thing was getting to be
00:15 theatrical to tell a story and I've
00:18 always brought that sort of narrative
00:20 element to my live shows I was just
00:23 obsessed with singing I was obsessed
00:24 with dancing but it started off with me
00:26 in the kitchen you know with with my
00:27 socks on trying to do the moonwalk and I
00:29 think that you need to choose something
00:31 that you're so obsessed with you just
00:33 want to do it all the time I was cast in
00:36 1981 just before we opened I snapped my
00:40 Achilles tendon and I thought that that
00:42 was my history with cats but it turns
00:45 out not to me
00:46 [Music]
00:48 when I first heard I was going to be in
00:50 cats instantly I felt the pressure this
00:55 musical is timeless
00:57 I just remembered loving it so when cats
01:00 became a movie obviously I had jumped at
01:02 the chance I think it could really only
01:06 be done by a director like Tom Hooper he
01:08 understands the spectacle of cats at the
01:12 center of this incredibly entertaining
01:14 comedic fantastical musical is a very
01:18 timely story about the importance of
01:20 inclusion and redemption I think it just
01:23 speaks really powerfully to everyone
01:24 there are so many emotions and we've got
01:28 to update it in ways that I think are
01:30 just so so so great I came right off of
01:34 a stadium tour and went right into
01:36 rehearsals from tomorrow I start to sing
01:38 my big number show business
01:42 [Music]
01:43 directing cats is like directing a group
01:46 of world-class athletes you politely
01:48 twins or possibly the most famous
01:50 hip-hop danced you
01:53 and Frankie Hayward is such a fine you
01:55 know it's one of the best starts in the
01:56 world as principal of the world ballet
01:58 my favorite part of ballet and dancing
02:01 is telling the story without words and
02:03 how you can say that with just your eyes
02:04 or your face or your body I think it's
02:06 amazing
02:08 [Music]
02:09 we also lucky enough to have Andy blank
02:12 computer who choreographed Hamilton when
02:15 you see people that are at the top of
02:17 their game doing it you raise your bar
02:19 as well people coming together through
02:21 all different corners of entertainment
02:23 you have some of the best hip hop
02:25 dancers Royal Ballet
02:26 some of the best tappers in a world
02:28 everybody's working really long hours of
02:31 cursing every day and it's fun the
02:36 designer lesense oh my god what is this
02:38 a so spectacular it's just so much fun
02:41 to play in the scale of this film is
02:44 huge three or four times bigger for the
02:46 cat perspective it's a massive
02:49 undertaking I kind of Alice in
02:51 Wonderland experience
02:52 Tom's pairing them with a kind of level
02:55 of technology which I don't think has
02:57 ever been used before we've used digital
02:59 fur technology to create the most
03:01 perfect covering 1/3 these are people
03:04 but they're cats and this is kind of
03:06 blowing my mind
03:08 there is nothing else like it this is a
03:11 moment for you to step into a world desk
03:14 completely designed to entertain me I
03:16 just was like really excited and so
03:19 honored to get to be a part of us this
03:21 film is an event
03:23 [Music]
03:36 you
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