Date de Sortie: 2019-06-26
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US Release Date: October 4, 2019
Starring: Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicholas Hoult
Directed By: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Synopsis: The dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine whose electrical system would power the modern world.

00:00 Thomas Alva Edison my boys and I caught
00:05 in a jar but before now is only last
00:07 across the night sky the future is here
00:13 oh I'm George Westinghouse Nikola Tesla
00:17 I will be the greatest provider
00:19 electrical power in the world better
00:21 than Edison there's a contest between
00:24 you this is a battle for the brightest
00:26 minds of America today the impossible
00:29 becomes possible the man that controls
00:33 that current controls the future I hope
00:38 you brought your checkbooks you want to
00:41 be remembered it's simple shoot a
00:43 president but if you prefer to have what
00:45 I call a legacy you leave the world a
00:48 better place than you found it
00:50 you are building miracles out of thin
00:53 air I'm working on something so new that
00:56 the world would never be the same if mr.
00:59 Edison succeeds he will send us back so
01:00 far we may never recover sometimes we
01:04 have to work outside of the rules to get
01:05 what's right
01:08 that is how you truly win hey you got
01:11 vultures in every venture but did I
01:13 mention that his systems lethal his
01:16 current kills people he's playing dirty
01:20 you can too
01:24 you can't see the real force that moves
01:26 things of it's not a CDC it's of
01:28 Torrance to college saying this is
01:31 costing affords Westinghouse time my
01:36 mother that is our future
01:39 you're fired
01:41 they're never gonna be anything named
01:43 Tesla ever again our futures not gonna
01:46 be paid for bricks fully copper I had
01:50 the better sister Westinghouse Electric
01:51 shall endure the City of Light but I
01:54 built it already in my imagination and
01:56 it is perfectly there is a possibility
01:58 you'll be putting in jeopardy the lives
01:59 of 28 million people tonight things
02:02 could change
02:03 shake up her all right
02:10 only one man would rise
02:15 so what'd you trade invent or fix
02:18 problems radiates
02:28 [Music]
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