Release Date: 2019-10-16

About Ferrari Mick Schumacher test drives the F8 Tributo ad

VIDEO Ferrari Mick Schumacher test drives the F8 Tributo TV commercial 2019 • At the Fiorano track the #FDA driver tries out the berlinetta powered by the most successful Ferrari V8 ever. #Ferrari #FerrariF8Tributo #DrivingFerrari #FerrariMagazine

00:12 it was actually the first time for me
00:14 that I have driven a road car Street cow
00:17 on this track so it was for sure
00:19 impressive to do that with the f8t buta
00:22 so I was very happy to be here and to be
00:24 able to as well kind of feel a bit how
00:27 how they can't behave just well when you
00:29 push the car so I was able to do you
00:32 know as many laughs as I as I could to
00:34 really figure out and feel what the cars
00:37 behavior does in the corners and how
00:40 it's a what I had to do to correct let's
00:43 say if the misbehavior was there and one
00:46 thing I noticed with that was that it
00:48 was very easy for me to control the car
00:50 which is not always given in a sports
00:53 car swishing and yeah in general car
00:57 which is a lot of horsepower normally
00:58 what happens if that you start sliding
01:01 and with a very high that's a loaded car
01:05 which is mostly heavy cars you slide and
01:09 then you snap and that the car goes into
01:11 the other way so even before that
01:13 happened the car was controllable so you
01:17 know I could straight it will feel in my
01:18 body that the car was sliding so I was
01:20 like in my formula car be able to feel
01:23 every little bit that the car was doing
01:26 every little movement on the tires and
01:29 little movement in the car itself would
01:31 happen in the throttle and the brakes so
01:33 what I found very interesting was that
01:35 it was very close to falling apart
01:38 something special is with this car first
01:41 of all there is the sound that is a
01:43 different to to the other cars and
01:46 obviously as well the diffuser that is a
01:49 bit different to tell so what I'm used
01:51 to in the phone the car it's adjustable
01:53 so it moves and depending on what the
01:57 car does depending on how much speed you
01:59 have on this trade also must be
02:00 different follows
02:01 [Music]
02:08 [Music]
02:11 Munya I have never driven here before
02:16 the only real moment I have been here
02:19 was with the motocross when I was maybe
02:22 eight the one I can remember the most is
02:26 me sitting on the on the Tribune and
02:28 looking at my dad driving and that was
02:30 mainly in winter too and so I had a big
02:34 jacket a big coat jacket on as as it was
02:37 quite fresh
02:40 [Music]

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