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Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2018-10-30
video Anuncio Apple Presentamos el nuevo iPad Pro 2018 • El iPad Pro es todo nuevo, todo pantalla y todo potencia. Ahora con pantalla Liquid Retina de borde a borde, Face ID y chip A12X Bionic. Y aún hay más: nuevo Apple Pencil y el Smart Keyboard Folio. Como un ordenador. Como ninguno.

00:07 this is the new iPad pro it's unlike any
00:16 iPad or anything we've made before
00:18 because everything has changed starting
00:22 with the screen as an all screen that
00:24 goes edge to edge an impossibly thin
00:26 profile no thinner no thinner than that
00:29 yep that then so it's not impossible it
00:33 just required fitting a larger display
00:34 into a smaller form including individual
00:36 pixels to create perfectly rounded
00:38 corners reengineering the true depth
00:39 camera system making the speakers
00:41 smaller but louder adding microphones
00:42 shrinking LEDs pushing it all to the
00:44 very edge so it fits within that narrow
00:46 border with everything still weighing
00:48 about a pound so when you hold it the
00:50 technology seems to recede and you're
00:52 left feeling like you're essentially
00:54 holding light that's because the liquid
00:57 Retina Display is our most advanced and
00:59 responsive display ever there's no more
01:02 home button because it is face ID the
01:04 most secure and seamless way to unlock
01:06 your iPad it's been redesigned to work
01:08 in any direction so there's no wrong way
01:09 to unlock it or use it it also is the
01:14 most powerful and smartest chip we've
01:15 ever made made even smarter by the Apple
01:18 neural engine now when I add for the
01:19 very first time it's powerful enough for
01:23 Photoshop yep real Photoshop and because
01:26 of the chip everything you do like
01:28 surfing the web messaging at the same
01:30 time dragging and dropping is faster
01:33 than ever
01:34 and faster than 92% of portable pcs but
01:38 that's not all we didn't just think
01:40 about the iPad or the accessories but
01:42 how they all connect that's why there
01:44 are 102 magnets all precisely aligned to
01:47 create a perfect system so you can do
01:55 this and charge your pencil at the same
01:58 time drawing the writing will feel as
02:01 natural as wealth a pencil only better
02:04 because it's cylindrical touch sensor
02:06 gives you more control like switching
02:08 tools with a double tap there's also a
02:13 new keyboard that snaps into place like
02:15 this and this which is perfect for group
02:17 FaceTime and with USB see this now
02:21 connects to that that that and that this
02:24 makes things easy even if what you do is
02:26 complex iPad pro is more versatile more
02:34 portable more capable it's like a
02:36 computer but unlike any computer this is
02:40 the new iPad pro
02:51 you

- Apple anuncio spot 2018

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