Release Date: 2020-03-26

About DreamWorks Shark Tale (2004) - Oscar vs. Lenny Scene (7/10) ad

VIDEO dreamworks Shark Tale (2004) - Oscar vs. Lenny Scene (7/10) TV commercial 2020 • Shark Tale - Oscar vs. Lenny: Oscar (Will Smith) and Lenny (Jack Black) fake a fight so they can each have a new life.

Underachiever Oscar (Will Smith) is a pint-sized fish with grand aspirations. When mob-connected great white shark Frankie (Michael Imperioli) is accidentally killed, Oscar concocts a story with Frankie's peace-loving brother Lenny (Jack Black) that it was he who murdered the shark. Suddenly hailed "Sharkslayer" by his aquatic brethren, Oscar has bigger fish to fry when Frankie's father, mob boss Don Lino (Robert De Niro), dispatches his henchmen to track down his son's killer.

TM & © Dreamworks (2004)
Cast: Doug E. Doug, Jack Black, James Madio, Katie Couric, Martin Scorsese, Renée Zellweger, Vincent Pastore, Will Smith, Ziggy Marley
Director: Bibo Bergeron, Rob Letterman, Vicky Jenson

00:02 [Music]
00:11 hey who's on the TV show me that all
00:15 right do you hear them lady they are
00:21 going crazy man they love us they love
00:23 you they hate me
00:25 why switch sides maybe I can be the fish
00:27 Slayer they'll never see it coming
00:29 come one man you sell this you'll never
00:32 have to go home again you can start a
00:33 new life now give me a ground like that
00:46 that was pretty good let's go do you
00:55 understand how huge my client is turn on
00:57 your TV right now
00:59 [Music]
01:05 turn off your TV turn off your TV
01:11 don't swallow
01:14 oh no it's Pinocchio of course it's me
01:17 why did you do that I'm sorry
01:20 no no sorry is when you step on somebody
01:22 at the movie theater okay that's sorry
01:24 sorry is when you say hey where's the
01:26 baby due and it turns out the person's
01:28 just fat yeah this is as far away from
01:31 sorry as you could possibly get but
01:33 Oscar puke Lennie just open up nice and
01:40 easy
01:50 [Applause]
02:02 don't you TV back on
02:04 what are you doing turn your TV off turn
02:05 or not
02:08 [Music]
02:23 freakazoo are we supposed to find the
02:26 shock
02:30 [Applause]
02:40 just
02:45 [Music]
02:47 a little help here buddy boy
03:00 [Music]
03:08 [Music]
03:30 [Music]
03:38 on this reef again remember this name
03:48 [Applause]
03:48 [Music] -

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