Release Date: 2019-11-29

About Dior Episode 6: Fatima Mazmouz - Feminine, plural ad

VIDEO Christian Dior Episode 6: Fatima Mazmouz - Feminine, plural TV commercial 2019 • The Dior Cruise 2020 collection is captured with movement and grace by photographer Fatima Mazmouz’s images, which offer a different, singular perspective on nature, the elements, and women, the muses of our universe.

00:03 Dior contacted me to work on this project.
00:07 It's obviously very moving because the fashion world
00:11 is quite far from the contemporary art world
00:14 that I live in.
00:15 At the same time, I said to myself that we'll
00:17 be able to find an echo
00:19 and bring this universe of activism, feminism,
00:24 and rewriting of history to life, which really means a lot to me.
00:28 It was a real challenge asking myself,
00:30 "Am I going to be able to work with these models?
00:33 Because I often work in self-portraiture."
00:36 Then I said to myself, "No, it's worth it
00:38 to work with models, with new subjects,
00:41 subjects from all walks of life, with different skin tones,
00:44 different hair, each with a different presence."
00:47 It was important to say
00:49 "Okay I'm going to tackle this challenge that Dior has set for me"
00:51 and attach this opportunity to something that
00:56 is very close to my heart at the moment,
00:58 as I'm working on the magical body,
01:00 which is a sort of deconstruction of the woman
01:04 expressed through a particular feminism.
01:05 But it's of a powerful woman, a warrior,
01:08 a woman of the Earth,
01:11 a return to the archaeology of the matriarch.
01:14 I think this collection truly embodies the essence
01:18 of a woman connected to Earth.
01:19 Perhaps because the collection
01:22 revolves around A particular Africanness
01:24 that's shared across a multitude of cultures.
01:27 It’s a real encounter.
01:29 This work is in fact an encounter between these women
01:31 and what these looks represent.
01:35 The choreography that they performed via hand gestures,
01:38 arm movements, these are moves
01:42 that are inspired by flamenco dancing,
01:44 because for me personally it's an intense dance.
01:46 It's a dance that mirrors the war
01:49 and the staging of a body in resistance.
01:53 The photos that I've just taken
01:55 will be worked on later.
01:57 Post-production is also an extremely
02:00 Important element to my work.
02:01 To create a new discourse,
02:03 I use Dior's signature to create a distinct pattern
02:06 and this structure allows me to tell the story of Africa
in a different, less traditional way, using these patchworks
02:13 and these ethnic, graphic elements.
02:16 So all of these little tiles, placed next to one another other
02:18 obviously remind me of the art of carpetmaking, weaving, and so on.
02:21 The photo therefore brings together the stitch work
02:26 and craftsmanship involved through the choices I will
02:30 make when editing it.
02:33 South Africa is a wonderful location choice,
02:35 as it's such an eccentric place
02:39 that we therefore fantasise about a lot.
02:41 Above all it's where I discovered this diversity in landscapes.
02:46 Just by travelling a short distance
02:48 you can come across landscapes that very quickly take your breath away. -

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