Release Date: 2019-11-29

About Dior Episode 5: Hasnae El Ouarga - Feminine, plural ad

VIDEO Christian Dior Episode 5: Hasnae El Ouarga - Feminine, plural TV commercial 2019 • Hasnae El Ouarga captures images like visions: through plays of transparency and superposition, she transposes the Dior Cruise 2020 silhouettes into a mysterious, otherworldly realm. Discover more about her in this video portrait.

00:07 I work a lot on images found somewhere
00:11 between dreams and reality
00:13 and I try to superimpose two spaces that would never be found together.
00:18 It will start by developing the images that I took in Morocco,
00:21 that I took here on film.
00:23 Now, I'm going to try to build a universe for each photo
00:27 using the images that I have.
00:29 The photos might have a double exposure,
00:33 some more urban while others with more natural elements,
00:37 landscapes, animals.
00:40 When I was asked to do this shoot,
00:42 the first thing that came to mind was
00:46 "I'm from the North and we're heading South."
00:48 It's kind of both ends of the continent, and for me it was important
00:53 to convey this journey through the images that I'd taken in Morocco too.
00:57 I left to take photos of more southern landscapes.
01:01 It was also important for me to shoot there too,
01:03 because it's the gateway to the desert that leads to
01:07 Sub-Saharan Africa, a way to express my roots here.
01:12 This collaboration is first of all a continuation of my work
01:16 and a new experiment, because I usually only
01:19 work in black and white.
01:21 This time, I want to experiment with colour
01:23 but on a black and white surface, selecting which parts
01:27 to add colour too and with which material,
01:29 whether it be watercolour or pastel.
01:32 When it comes to the texture of the clothing,
01:34 the idea of having a blank canvas and then being able to recolour it
01:38 is the real challenge for me, also what the outfit
01:42 can express other than just being worn,
01:46 to see what it can express on its own.
01:48 Also, how to integrate the bodies,
01:51 bodies that aren't necessarily wearing clothes.
01:54 Perhaps far-away silhouettes,
01:55 which could help to build a world around the outfit.
02:02 When I saw the collection in Marrakesh,
02:04 my first impressions were that it's the diversity found across all of Africa.
02:09 In fact, it really touched me that someone saw my work and said,
02:14 "Let's work with an emerging artist,
02:18 give her access to this collection and give her complete creative control."
02:22 It was full of surprises as personally,
02:24 I had an image in my head but I had no idea that
02:26 it was going to be this beautiful.
02:27 When I saw the setting
02:29 I was inspired to create the shadows.
02:32 The breeze would sometimes come just at the right time
02:34 with the model's movements.
02:37 This, along with the outfit there, it was just beautiful.
02:41 Simply beautiful.
02:48 You see a lot of images behind landscapes like this.
02:51 But seeing it in real life...
02:54 I don't know, it's really beautiful.
02:56 We were driving here and we saw zebras.
02:58 When you see them in front of you, you feel there's a natural
03:01 power when they look at you.
03:03 You can feel this creature watching you, recognising your presence.
03:07 It really made me feel something like that. -

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