Release Date: 2020-03-12

About David Jones Autumn 2020 Beauty: Makeup Services ad

VIDEO David Jones Autumn 2020 Beauty: Makeup Services TV commercial 2020 • 00:01 [Music]
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00:15 sorry what I'm gonna show you today is
00:18 I've got these fabulous Gucci lipsticks
00:20 and I'm gonna show you a really fresh
00:22 day Lord the color I've chosen for you
00:24 is Queen Christina and oh my gosh it's
00:27 really like quite vivid but it's a
00:29 really a feel very matte formulation I'm
00:32 just gonna start with a brush and go
00:33 directly and I'm gonna use this to my
00:36 harness to do always with a brush Lord
00:38 can you just wipe it on whack it on okay
00:40 but this for me I just want to really
00:43 lightly and control the amount I'm
00:44 putting on cuz then I want to buff it in
00:46 so it almost looks quite pissed off yeah
00:49 and then when it comes to that time when
00:51 you press your lips together allow your
00:54 bottom lip to kind of over line the top
00:56 lip service you see you can like that'll
01:01 actually exaggerate your lip line
01:04 naturally so you'll get a slightly
01:06 fuller lip without it looking over draw
01:08 right so it's super soft okay so now
01:10 we're gonna do blush and this is what I
01:12 love about these matte formulations you
01:15 can use them on the cheeks
01:17 yeah so I'm gonna use my pharmacist
01:20 stamps it's generally the right size for
01:22 a chi the key with blushes you want to
01:24 keep it high so anything lower than
01:26 where your face sort of starts to
01:28 contour in is too low hey so up to you
01:31 you can use fingers or brush yeah to
01:33 blend so I'm just gonna use my fingers
01:34 so this is kind of setting the tone for
01:36 the Lord now I'm gonna move into eyes I
01:39 don't want to use a different lipstick
01:41 and this is a really good like staple
01:43 mood which is Susan nude like it's
01:45 really nice and I'm just going to Pat it
01:48 onto the leaves this makes a really nice
01:50 lid Tim this is just a wash of sort of
01:53 that really nice hydration on the iron
01:58 Wow so that's like a really easy no you
02:02 know you could do that in the car it's
02:04 that simple
02:05 thank you so we've done the day Lords
02:10 now I'm gonna take you into evening and
02:12 I'm going to start with climbing as you
02:14 know this beautiful it's called the
02:15 seneschal by Galan and it's this really
02:18 great
02:19 serum based primer and the thing I love
02:22 about this is a kind of losing pores and
02:26 sets up the skin for the foundation and
02:29 now I'm using the luminous silk and this
02:32 is a staple in my kit I love this
02:34 especially for evening looks it's got
02:36 longevity but it's really nice and chewy
02:39 so your skin still looks like something
02:41 I don't know how much you love that so
02:43 what is your best tip for contouring I
02:45 kind of like to do non touring so I
02:48 think the trick with contrary is it's
02:51 not supposed to be obvious so I like to
02:53 use once again like my bronzer I love
02:56 this Tom Ford one in particular and you
02:58 kind of want to sit it right under the
03:00 cheekbone I'm gonna do a really warm
03:03 luxe iron I've got these manhart pallets
03:05 that I'll be using so I'm using this
03:08 really nice fleshy tone just with a flat
03:10 brush and I'm just pressing that onto
03:14 the lid and this is gonna help set up
03:17 the look for me how far out but I kind
03:20 of like to follow the growl this
03:22 chocolaty Brown I'm going to define the
03:25 socket line so I'm just taking that
03:28 color because there's kind of deep sets
03:30 the eyes a little bit and gives you more
03:34 definition of that socket line so I'm
03:37 mixing this Brown and that warmer Brown
03:39 and I'm gonna take it underneath so just
03:41 using a finer brush
03:45 but underneath beyond that French cool
03:49 girl kind of vibe so what would be your
03:52 finishing touch that any makeup just
03:54 check the face for any hot spots and
03:55 I'll just use a small that funny brush
03:57 like this anybody that you know time
03:59 looks like a buddies to help and sides
04:02 of the nose that point on the chin and
04:05 down the mouth is usually where I kind
04:07 of hit with powder just to make sure
04:09 it's not shine it's not shiny because
04:11 that can translate to squiddy which is
04:14 in a good look and that's it -

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