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VIDEO CuriosityStream Ancient Oceans - Weirdest Creatures TV commercial 2019 • Countdown five of the strangest creatures of the ancient seas. All of these aquatic oddities are featured in our original documentary series, 'Ancient Oceans.'

Before the age of dinosaurs, there were two earlier major extinctions - this time effecting the oldest creatures of the oceans. Is your favorite on the list? 'Ancient Oceans' is streaming now, only on CuriosityStream.

00:01 ancient oceans weirdest creatures these
00:07 strange jawless but armored fish were
00:10 characterized by their bony shields
00:11 which covered a majority of its body
00:13 this bony skull was actually made up of
00:17 thousands of tiny teeth these fish
00:20 primarily swam along the ocean floor
00:22 sucking up small prey from the seabed
00:24 like a vacuum cleaner
00:25 [Music]
00:29 commonly known as sea lilies because of
00:32 their visual similarity to land stem
00:34 flowers crinoids are actually marine
00:36 animals dating back to the Ordovician
00:38 period these plant like animals could
00:41 attach themselves to the sea floor and
00:43 would wave their feathery mouths to
00:45 gather microscopic particles of food
00:47 from the water dating back to 540
00:52 million years ago these relatively small
00:54 tube like fish may look like eels but in
00:57 reality they were much more bizarre and
00:59 vicious they had teeth like rows of bent
01:04 combs with which to slice and crush its
01:07 food orthis Eris was a not a Lloyd known
01:12 for its elongated cone like shell these
01:15 are ancestors of the modern squid and
01:17 could range in size from mere
01:19 centimetres to more than 14 feet long
01:22 repelling backward with Jets of water
01:25 and regulating its buoyancy with air
01:27 pockets in its shell this predator could
01:29 perfectly position itself to ambush
01:32 unsuspecting prey coming in at the top
01:37 of the food chain during the Devonian
01:38 period Dunkleosteus was one of the
01:41 fiercest marine predators of all time
01:44 this armor-plated fish weighed in at
01:46 nearly a ton its jaws were four times as
01:50 strong as trance horas Rex's and bites
01:52 so powerful it has never been rivaled
01:55 since
01:56 this unstoppable giant roam the Seas
01:58 hunting whatever it liked including its
02:01 own kind watch ancient oceans
02:05 exclusively on curiosity stream

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