Release Date: 2019-07-11

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VIDEO CuriosityStream 4th and Forever TV commercial 2019 • The drama is in the stories, not the game. This series focuses on the football stars at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, touted by Sports Illustrated as the “Sports School of the Century.”

00:00 - [Offcamera Man] You come to Poly to win.
00:03 That's the bottom line.
00:05 ("All Along the Watchtower" plays)
00:05 - [Offcamera Man] Long Beach Poly
00:06 is what Long Beach really had to be proud of.
00:08 - [Offcamera Man] Tradition is everything
00:10 in Long Beach Poly.
00:11 - [Offcamera Man] It's a legacy.
00:11 It's more than just football, it's a brotherhood.
00:16 This is the best football program in the country.
00:17 - [Offcamera Man] We have the most NFL players
00:19 from our high school in the nation.
00:20 - We ready, man.
00:21 We just know we're ready.
00:23 ♪ There must be some kinda way outta here ♪
00:26 - [Offcamera Man] We got some of the best
00:27 underclassmen in the country.
00:29 - Number 10, baby.
00:29 - [Offcamera Man] We just have too much talent.
00:31 - Imma' just do it for my community.
00:32 - [Offcamera Man] One of the best teams
00:33 to ever come through Poly.
00:34 - [Offcamera Man] All the work I put in,
00:35 in the last four years, I'm finally gonna pay off.
00:37 - This the most important year of my life.
00:39 - [Offcamera Man] Gonna be excited.
00:40 (whistle blows)
00:42 - [Offcamera Man] It means everything to me.
00:43 I sleep and eat and drink and think about
00:45 the football team, every day.
00:46 - They say you should expect nothing short
00:48 of greatness from this team.
00:49 - I wanna go 15 and 0.
00:50 - The National Championship, 15 and 0.
00:52 This is it.
00:53 When it comes to those Friday nights,
00:54 we gotta be a family no matter what.
00:57 - Okay, so you're goin' one step right now.
00:59 (crowd yells in unison)
01:02 - One, two, three!
01:02 (group yells in unison)
01:03 - Okay, let's get (mumbles), let's go.
01:07 (whooshing sound)

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