Release Date: 2020-04-09

About Cricket Wireless #HearMeOut with Usher ad

VIDEO Cricket Wireless #HearMeOut with Usher TV commercial 2020 • Hear Usher tell his story of creating art and being heard. Follow along on social using #HearMeOut

00:00 we're all here helping to tell a story
00:03 that's greater than us and that
00:05 universal language it comes through
00:07 music it comes to art it comes to
00:09 painting it comes to speech and you
00:12 don't know until you move forward if you
00:14 want to be great at anything you would
00:16 have to stick to it you gotta do it
00:18 every day like you love it
00:20 that's the part that's your home hey
00:23 what's up uh sure hit me up I literally
00:28 sat outside of clubs and waited for
00:31 artists to come out at the end of the
00:33 night and I would sing for them the last
00:35 thing you would think is you you know
00:37 have a 12 year old singing to you coming
00:39 out of the club you've been drinking
00:40 having a good time you probably trying
00:42 to get home and here you have me trying
00:44 to get a deal I had this vision one
00:47 night man and there was a sea of people
00:48 and I happen to be on the stage and a
00:51 stadium and you were like man if ever I
00:54 could someday become that guy that
00:56 artist that person to be able to sing in
00:57 front of those people if I could see it
00:59 in my head and apparently that must be a
01:01 trail for me somewhere I need to stick
01:03 to this
01:04 I moved to Atlanta I go through all this
01:07 I get a deal and within my first session
01:10 my first real session I lost my voice
01:14 how do I explain to a record company
01:17 that you have to be patient they don't
01:20 have to do this right but thank God that
01:22 I was dealing with the team of people
01:25 who were willing to invest in me long
01:28 term those lessons of falling helped me
01:31 get back up maybe sometimes you have to
01:32 have some declines in order to feel you
01:34 know like I cause it's worth fighting
01:36 for the music let me stay in this if
01:39 you're trying to find your voice right
01:40 now use your imagination explore I've
01:43 really advised people to have a journal
01:45 you have no idea how much amazing work
01:47 you will find in some of the simplest
01:50 things that you may not know my kids
01:53 there's nothing greater than your
01:55 intellectual probably it's the most
01:56 important thing about life what you
01:58 choose to invest in also to leave around
02:00 giving your interpretation is a
02:02 responsibility I think we all have
02:04 because life is ever-changing and
02:06 telling a story that is progressive you
02:08 know I see something and I'm gonna tell
02:10 you how it makes me feel that's art
02:11 that's your expression share that it's
02:14 okay being heard is scary
02:21 but it's worth it man taking that first
02:25 step I mean a religion they say have the
02:27 faith of a mustard seed and gotta do the
02:29 rest
02:29 some people believe in the idea of just
02:32 motion and move afford energy and the
02:35 universe will carry you where you need
02:37 to go but you have to make the first
02:38 step it's scary but it's worth it
02:48 you -

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