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About Cirque du Soleil FAVORITE Moments, Activities, and Places? | We Are VOLTA - Ep. 8 | Final Episode ad

VIDEO Cirque du Soleil FAVORITE Moments, Activities, and Places? | We Are VOLTA - Ep. 8 | Final Episode TV commercial 2019 •
00:05 There are many, many moments
00:06 that no audience member will ever see.
00:11 My favourite moment in the show:
00:13 when Waz finishes the dance at the very end.
00:15 He throws his arms out
00:16 and the female singer, she mimics his arms.
00:19 I see it every day and there’s something about it,
00:21 it’s so powerful for me.
00:23 I have so many.
00:24 Before my number is the clown
00:26 and I love to hear how the audience laughs.
00:31 It’s a way to feel the audience before I get in.
00:33 My favourite thing is actually the artistic tent,
00:36 because everyone is warming up and doing their thing.
00:38 We are all doing some different sport
00:40 and we all have different backgrounds
00:42 and everybody is friendly with each other.
00:43 Before bungee, I have a choreography
00:46 on the grid with my partner.
00:47 My partner and I usually come over to each other and go:
00:49 kikidiki kidi – kikidiki kidi – kikidiki kidi
00:53 To be together, synchronized.
00:55 It also helps us to get into the position that we’re supposed to be in
00:58 while we are spinning and there’s a strobe light going onto us.
01:02 I love the audience’s reaction to shape diving.
01:04 Sometimes they can get extremely loud, which is always great to hear.
01:08 I love watching Danila in hair hanging,
01:10 because I don’t understand how she does it,
01:12 she’s a superhero.
01:14 The hair hanging scene is absolutely
01:15 the most beautiful moment in the show for me.
01:18 That entire act for me is just…
01:20 You don’t see too many people being hung by their hair
01:22 and doing acrobatic things in the air.
01:24 When I go with the violin to the audience,
01:26 I really like to surprise people, because I come out of nowhere.
01:30 I like that moment,
01:31 I like that interaction that I have with people
01:34 that I can actually go and be like a creature
01:37 that transcends them to another world.
01:39 My favourite moment of the show
01:42 is also the scariest one.
01:44 It’s when I have to drop from the grid for bungee.
01:48 We enter on stage from 12 meters high.
01:51 That’s the best moment.
01:53 It’s like:
01:55 go!
01:56 When I go out of my comfort zone and do a bigger trick
01:59 and the other guys know that,
02:00 they go out of their comfort zone and do a bigger trick,
02:02 so then we are just like this energy ball
02:04 that just keeps growing and growing.
02:06 We love it, man! It’s awesome!
02:08 It’s riding bikes on stage in front of tons of really stoked people.
02:15 The moment that I love most in the big top is during our final bows.
02:19 When we raise our hands to bow and just hear in the audience,
02:22 we get this extra loud roar like that
02:25 “thank you guys”, you know.
02:26 Feeling how much they appreciate the show is really my favourite moment.
02:30 There’s nothing like it.

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