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Release Date: May-2016

Penningtons Not your typical runner. #iwontcompromise TV Commercial ad advert 2016

penningtons tv commercial • penningtons: Not your typical runner. #iwontcompromise • Not your typical runner. #iwontcompromise • penningtons new commercial 2016 • penningtons Not your typical runner. #iwontcompromise commercial * #iwontcompromise is a movement that celebrates doing what we love, wearing what makes us feel good, and being who we are without compromise. No limits, no fears, no judgments, just pure enjoyment. When we hold ourselves back in fear of how we may be perceived, society misses out. Let them stare. Let them see what we can do. Together, let’s fight against all prejudice.

Penningtons tv advertising

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Penningtons Not your typical runner. #iwontcompromise
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