Release Date: 2020-07-29

About Beats By Dre Benee "Supalonely (Lownely)" | Beat x Beat: Inside Out ad

VIDEO Beats by Dre Benee "Supalonely (Lownely)" | Beat x Beat: Inside Out TV commercial 2020 • Watch how Benee channels her energy from a recent breakup and turns it into a 'sad banger.' Music is the best medicine.

00:04 [Music]
00:13 was a breakup
00:14 i got to la and i was going to be there
00:16 for a month
00:17 and i kind of broke up with my boyfriend
00:19 like a week before going i was just
00:22 feeling
00:22 super lonely and i got into a session
00:24 with josh and juna
00:26 and we were like let's make a sad banger
00:28 you guys think that it was
00:30 just fun totally that was fun
00:34 i've known josh now for a few years and
00:36 we've worked on all my music together we
00:38 were friends first jenna and i
00:40 well excuse me and then you got invited
00:43 in later on
00:44 but we met in real life in l.a
00:48 oh my god okay so can we just talk about
00:51 that
00:51 she came to my gig and she bought her
00:53 little like chihuahua
00:55 to the gig and i was like this human is
00:56 so weird but like i love her
00:58 this is really wild that i'm about to
01:00 admit this but i came at the very last
01:02 song
01:04 and i gave you larry and then that was
01:05 it and i was like okay
01:07 good now we're friends forever actually
01:10 though
01:11 what a bowing down from the ceiling
01:14 i knew this would happen it's too hard
01:16 to believe
01:17 but maybe i'm dramatic i don't wanna see
01:21 me i don't wanna panic dinner was
01:25 awesome to work with
01:26 i think having her to kind of vent to
01:29 and she was just like relating to me
01:30 like everywhere that i was saying i was
01:32 like
01:33 the thing is is like when you break up
01:35 with somebody you always talk about how
01:37 sad and like depressed and like
01:38 low you can be but i think at the end of
01:39 the day like it's good to like kind of
01:41 make fun of yourself too because you're
01:42 like oh my god i was such
01:44 a loser thank you yeah we finished the
01:47 song in the session so it was like what
01:49 like six hours or something
01:50 okay skip to this year march it was the
01:53 the
01:54 night before lockdown um we just wanted
01:57 to make
01:57 a different version i just wanted to
01:59 make it sort of sad
02:00 and show like the mood that i was
02:02 actually feeling when i was writing the
02:04 song
02:05 so we were desperately trying to record
02:07 an even slower
02:09 more lonely version of the song we just
02:11 had the key loop
02:16 we also had some drums in there
02:20 and you recorded maybe three vocal
02:23 passes of it
02:24 to just this loop pretty much
02:36 [Music]
02:44 yeah when we went into lockdown i sort
02:47 of disassembled the studio and took home
02:49 bits of the gear
02:51 and added the rest of the parts to it
02:54 like the base
02:56 i think it like looped you up on the
02:58 lanalas
03:02 basically i'd add a little sense and
03:04 stuff
03:07 i just found this random sample of of
03:10 kids playing on the playground
03:12 and i think there's something there type
03:14 of like
03:15 oh remember when you could go outside
03:17 yeah and like play in the playground and
03:19 you know it's like such a vibe to the
03:21 whole track we tried a few different
03:23 kind of versions of
03:24 this lonely song i knew that i wanted it
03:27 to be really sad and kind of a little
03:28 bit more indie and then we got my guitar
03:30 played here
03:31 to lay down some kind of indie guitar in
03:33 her room at home because obviously that
03:35 was in lockdown
03:36 i don't know i i said to her king crawl
03:38 i was like that kind of like sad like
03:40 kind of
03:41 that what sounds good but makes you feel
03:43 really sad
03:44 and i think she did a really good job
03:46 yeah it kind of makes it real dreamy
03:48 yeah i love it you couldn't get much
03:50 more
03:51 isolation in this song everyone was at
03:53 home
03:54 like quite a few people did reach out
03:56 and look down um messaging me and
03:58 sending me like videos of them dancing
04:00 to my song and stuff
04:01 it's really cool to see how they kind of
04:02 connected to the lyrics
04:04 when they are kind of lonely and sad and
04:07 stuck at home
04:08 now i'm in the path of crying
04:11 think i'm slowly singing
04:17 [Music]
04:22 it's just been so unexpected how big the
04:25 song actually was
04:26 it's like a baby and you like you kind
04:27 of put them out into the world and you
04:29 have no idea what's going to happen to
04:30 them
04:30 and then when good stuff happens to them
04:32 it's kind of just like yeah like you go
04:34 a little thing you do your little thing
04:36 you're very proud of me yeah i'm proud
04:38 i'm proud about little song that we made
04:39 together
04:40 we had a baby together wow the
04:43 fudge
04:44 and we're we are pretty good parents i
04:45 have i have to say i'm pretty good
04:47 parent
04:48 my dream as a songwriter like i want to
04:50 have a song that like i actually believe
04:52 in the artist and i think they can like
04:53 change culture in the world i just think
04:55 it's so cool that you are the artist
04:57 i'm just grateful and i love you guys
05:11 by the way
05:25 you -

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