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About Audemars Piguet TALKS About Perpetual Calendars ad

VIDEO Audemars Piguet TALKS About Perpetual Calendars TV commercial 2020 • Leap Year comes once every 4 years. For this February 29th 2020, Michael Friedman and Lucas Raggi share the secrets behind the Perpetual Calendar.

00:05 the origins of time as we know it is
00:08 directly linked to astronomy it was very
00:12 important for early civilizations to
00:14 track the phases of the Moon and this
00:16 became the basis of our calendars so
00:19 astronomy is fascinated as watchmakers
00:22 it doesn't make our life easy once
00:26 humans were able to create clocks and
00:28 eventually watches that track the phases
00:30 of the Moon this information became
00:32 extremely important for day to day life
00:35 when you consider fields like astronomy
00:39 navigation agriculture so much of life
00:43 was dictated by these
00:44 naturally-occurring cycles
00:46 [Music]
00:49 so a year duration is not exactly 365
00:53 days it's closer to three hundred and
00:56 sixty five point two five days because
00:59 was the phenomenon coming from the
01:01 rotation around years for example I'm
01:04 not precise math you have elliptical
01:06 orbits you have tilted access this is
01:10 when it becomes really interesting what
01:13 do we do with that extra point two five
01:14 days every four years we build up an
01:19 additional day that additional day is
01:21 precisely why the leap here exists and
01:24 is precisely why we add February 29th
01:30 the challenge is very tough a simple
01:33 calendar every month has a duration of
01:36 31 days so you need to adjust it at the
01:39 end of the month on a perpetual calendar
01:41 we've got an additional clever layer
01:43 that has engraved in it the memory of
01:47 the length of the month and knows that
01:49 every four years we build up an extra
01:53 day from those quarter days it's like an
01:55 analogue memory
02:00 right Audemars Piguet is founded in 1875
02:03 the creation of the pretzel calendars is
02:06 underway it's not until 1955 that
02:10 Audemar Piguet creates the world's first
02:12 perpetual calendar wristwatch with leap
02:15 year indication on the dial 1984 we see
02:19 the first royal oak with perpetual
02:21 calendar and to this day the perpetual
02:24 calendar has continued to evolve
02:25 continued to be produced it was about to
02:29 make a very thin and elegant perpetual
02:32 calendar was not only a scene as
02:34 perpetual but also the thinnest railroad
02:36 ever made
02:38 [Music]
02:41 we're looking at our watches dozens and
02:43 dozens of times per day it has to be
02:46 beautiful first and then of course it
02:48 has to work
02:49 we designed the dial and the position of
02:51 every elements of it and then we
02:54 arranged the functional components
02:56 around it it's among the most beautiful
02:59 and poetic complications produced
03:01 because of that strong visual impact
03:03 that the moon and stars has there's
03:05 nothing else in culture that connects us
03:08 to astronomy
03:10 like the perpetual calendar wristwatch
03:11 to us it's emotional it's passionate
03:14 it's heartfelt it's a very humbling
03:16 experience to sort of have that sense of
03:19 astronomy right on your wrist
03:22 [Music] -

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