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nbn Network: What you need to know TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
nbn TV ad • nbn advert • Network: What you need to know • nbn Network: What you need to know TV ad • The nbn™ network is Australia’s national broadband network, delivering the technology for all Australians to realise their dreams and discover new possibilities in a connected world.

0:00 the NBN network is australia's new fast and reliable landline phone and internet
0:08 network it's one of Australia's biggest ever infrastructure projects more than
0:13 2.5 million homes and businesses can connect right now with the I'm to have
0:18 the whole of Australia covered by 2020 it will revolutionize our online world
0:24 and main access to high-speed internet for everyone
0:28 do you need to move to the Indian network for most people the answer is
0:32 yes if you want to keep your landline phone and Internet services because the
0:37 make way for the new network parts of the existing network of being switched
0:41 off
0:42 so how do you connect it's important to know that you can only switch by
0:47 contacting a phone or internet work item asking them when you can switch and
0:53 talking to them about choosing the right speed plan for your needs so call a
0:57 phone or internet provider today


nbn TV Ad 2016
nbn Spot 2016

nbnNetwork: What you need to know Commercial

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