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Toyota Next Legendary Moment: Leaping Leo or Jars? TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Toyota TV ad • Toyota advert • Next Legendary Moment: Leaping Leo or Jars? • Toyota Next Legendary Moment: Leaping Leo or Jars? TV ad • For years Steve and Dave have re-created the greatest moments in footy history with some of the true legends of the game. The big question is; which moment is next? A game-saving grab in the dying seconds or five big ones in a Grand Final? Former Brisbane Lions hard-man Jonno Brown has another suggestion...

0:00 sorry excuse me excuse me sorry excuse me for any new i'm solving a greater
0:05 than having what is a more legendary moment ok we are very 2005 great bottle
0:11 gets up about the pack to take the gravel in the guy 1997 grant bottle
0:16 Deron Johnson five goals take more better 2002tii Brownback with the floor
0:24 lack of the year was it a beauty a decision Michael are set off a while
0:32 we're not from a spade had to commit myself all why I pushed pushed in our
0:40 portion Farley banks tried our tour guide rollies they're good boys come
0:49 back I've got more

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Toyota TV Ad 2016
Toyota Spot 2016

ToyotaNext Legendary Moment: Leaping Leo or Jars?  Commercial

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