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Woolworths Online Shopping - Meet Bernadette TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Woolworths TV ad • Woolworths advert • Online Shopping - Meet Bernadette • Woolworths Online Shopping - Meet Bernadette TV ad • Meet Bernadette an Official Online Picker at Woolworths. If you order online, she is one of the many people who will personally pick your shopping for you!

0:00 mate Bernadette she's picky about her produce that's why we picked her as one
0:05 of our official online Pickers the people who personally pick your shopping
0:09 in-store when you shop online at Woolworth's and right now you can get
0:13 free delivery on your first shot
0:17 so go online and let one of our Pickers do the shopping for you
0:23 works online shop where only the pickiest picky shopping that's why I
0:28 always picks may

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Woolworths TV Ad 2016
Woolworths Spot 2016

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