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Hahn tvc ad, Wallabies Experience

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Release Date: Aug-2016
Hahn TV ad • Hahn advert • Wallabies Experience • Hahn Wallabies Experience TV ad • Training at the Captain’s Run, a strategy session with Stirling Mortlock, a bench seat at the game and a round of beers with the players afterwards. Sounds like an average game day for a Wallaby, right? Thing is - this was no Wallaby. This was Andy, a firefighter who won our Hahn Wallabies Game Day Experience. We put on him on the field to experience game day as one of the boys. Watch the video and find out how we gave one fan the ultimate Wallabies experience and one he will never forget - because we would never settle for a standard game day.

0:04 on Saturday night we had a changing room tool and there to experience that we
0:08 still more like was fantastic because he gave a real insight into how the Pirates
0:13 were feeling to get experience from someone who's been there and done it
0:16 today you are representing country representing every night before you were
0:20 visiting your home
0:21 our nation the time i get in here yeah you know the machine was taking over the
0:28 guys that haven't played much test rugby the latest in the captain decided to you
0:32 know it's all about you know what you did it yourself to I well back yourself
0:35 with them before and went back to unite all week so that getting yourself to
0:39 that point and then just let it go i want to pull back the slingshot
0:46 from this experience I learned that
0:48 no athlete isn't too dissimilar from being a normal person it's all about the
0:52 way that you prepare yourself mentally and physically to be the best


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Hahn Wallabies Experience commercial 2016

HahnWallabies Experience Commercial

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