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Optus Celebrate the Premier League TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Optus TV ad • Optus advert • Celebrate the Premier League • Optus Celebrate the Premier League TV ad • Every match. Every team. Live. The Premier League has a new home.

0:00 this is not a game it's much more than that is why you got when the country's
0:09 asleep and put the coffee on after you put on the strip
0:13 it's about eleven men 90 minutes and always believing when news or it's about
0:20 the sounds the songs the passion and the glory is where heroes are made
0:24 heartbroken
0:26 this is not a game it's a sport in marriage for better or for worse started
0:33 when a father said this is your team and this will be your journey your passion
0:39 your life this is not a game it's every single one of them live
0:44 this is the complete premier league experience every moment every story
0:50 every yessss

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Optus TV Ad 2016
Optus Spot 2016

OptusCelebrate the Premier League Commercial

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