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Woolworths tvc ad, Eat like a Champ Michelle Heyman

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Release Date: Aug-2016
Woolworths TV ad • Woolworths advert • Eat like a Champ Michelle Heyman • Woolworths Eat like a Champ Michelle Heyman TV ad •
0:00 do you grow champion to begin plant in the sunny position establish good roots
0:08 and shoots will quickly appear in trying vigorously with constant feeding to
0:18 achieve maximum growth joe ingles ground in adelaide pick for rear was proud to
0:27 be picked as the fresh food partner i started playing when I was 12 so a
0:39 little bit later than everyone else but love the game and I've never stopped
0:44 the motivation for me would definitely be being the best I've always been a
0:48 winner since I was born I just wanted to always win
0:51 that is my main focus
0:53 it took me a good for years or so to realize that I was good enough to be a
0:57 Matilda I just kept pushing myself and I knew what I wanted and rejection is
1:03 always hard but it always makes you more motivated
1:05 make sure i'm at my best for the Olympic Games definitely have a nutrition and
1:11 recovery making sure that i'm eating all the right meals to make sure my body's
1:14 fully fueled and ready to go
1:18 I'm always thinking about that metal I've got gold hanging up in my room and
1:22 making sure that a lot of things that I have a gold that gold is rubbed up
1:26 hunting me and I can finally have that middle we want that dream and we're
1:31 going to chase and we hope that show you get behind us
1:38 yeah

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Woolworths Eat like a Champ Michelle Heyman commercial 2016

WoolworthsEat like a Champ Michelle Heyman Commercial

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