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Weet-Bix Foodbank Foodfight 2016 TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Weet-Bix TV ad • Weet-Bix advert • Foodbank Foodfight 2016 • Weet-Bix Foodbank Foodfight 2016 TV ad • Weet-Bix has been a longtime supporter of Foodbank, helping to fight the issue of hunger in Australia. We’ve joined the Food Fight, increasing our donation of Weet-Bix during August. You can
help too!

0:00 his taxes favor I had one of Ben's friends
0:10 these months max I can
0:13 yeah
0:17 thousands of all these go hungry every day
0:20 and they're not just who you think by a food fight item and food donation will
0:25 go towards fighting hunger in Australia join the food bank food fight

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Weet-Bix TV Ad 2016
Weet-Bix Spot 2016

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