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iSelect Health Cover Check Up - Deaf Man TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
iSelect TV ad • iSelect advert • Health Cover Check Up - Deaf Man • iSelect Health Cover Check Up - Deaf Man TV ad • Only pay for health cover you need... like hearing aids!

0:00 I just did and I select house cover checkup
0:05 we've been paying for pregnancy
0:08 you're pregnant no I policy was out of date but now we've got the best cover
0:14 we've ever had
0:16 damn right on the best lover you ever had dial your mom's got a bun in the
0:20 oven
0:21 only pay for what you need like hearing out getting i select health cover
0:27 checkup and you'll always get a writer


iSelect TV Ad 2016
iSelect Spot 2016

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