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Silkn Still Shaving or Waxing TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Silkn TV ad • Silkn advert • Still Shaving or Waxing • Silkn Still Shaving or Waxing TV ad • Are you still shaving or waxing? Join the 8 week No Shave Rave Challenge

0:00 yeah
0:03 really you still shade I hate double
0:07 me too but I haven't shaved in three months wait you don't say
0:10 I silk n you what hmm you've got a birthday coming up
0:20 yeah
0:21 yeah
0:23 yeah
0:27 my birthday's Tuesday


Silkn TV Ad 2016
Silkn Spot 2016

SilknStill Shaving or Waxing Commercial

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