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Retravision Danny Green & Pat - Olympic Banter TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Retravision TV ad • Retravision advert • Danny Green & Pat - Olympic Banter • Retravision Danny Green & Pat - Olympic Banter TV ad • Retravision - Danny Green & Pat - Olympic Banter

0:00 she's my account white - what yours is Andrea
0:03 yeah what is pretty much every event but you didn't win the middle in his cell
0:08 since you're Danny
0:09 nope and I didn't try to qualify for the rhythmic gymnastics but twisted my ankle
0:15 is devastating
0:18 sure you twist a lot of things might well be scared if you want a medal Danny
0:22 but you didn't pretty good twisty thing anybody there well UK polishing had made
0:29 from twisting ok
0:31 you don't know about just about my girls and graphical get ready for all the
0:35 action with a new TV from retribution today


Retravision TV Ad 2016
Retravision Spot 2016

RetravisionDanny Green & Pat - Olympic Banter Commercial

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