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Flight Centre tvc ad, Where do you want to go?

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Release Date: Aug-2016
Flight Centre
Flight Centre TV ad • Flight Centre advert • Where do you want to go? • Flight Centre Where do you want to go? TV ad • We're the best in the air and everywhere!

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0:07 milana about drops your hours are not a final look onto vecchio amico turkey
0:13 Albuquerque New Jersey you cross the mersey to drive to the menu Transylvania
0:18 Trinidad and Tobago and fabric window girl Quinn drop Orlanda senior go go go
0:24 you love Delaware yeah it's the lowest fare a farm in Devon
0:29 we had 24 7 go out of Samoa
0:32 Chris soon given kula the Grange
0:35 I can make that change the lowest ever guarantee and all the right connections
0:39 best in the air and everywhere


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Flight Centre Where do you want to go? commercial 2016

Flight CentreWhere do you want to go? Commercial

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Flight Centre Where do you want to go?
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