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CommBank Make Today Count TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
CommBank TV ad • CommBank advert • Make Today Count • CommBank Make Today Count TV ad • When it comes to achieving your goals, it’s the days that really count. The days are where dreams are born, decisions are made and journeys begin. The strides we take over the years grow from the small steps we take today. So whatever your goal, take the first step and make today count. Talk to us and see how you can get access to advice, super or insurance.

0:00 years they seem so far away
0:05 talk about goals in terms of years later or years to come
0:10 but when it comes to achieving your guns and protecting what matters
0:13 it's the days that really count days are where dreams are born and decisions are
0:18 made
0:18 whatever your goal see how you can make today count
0:22 talk to us about advice super or insurance in your bank help you make
0:27 today count
0:27 come back n


CommBank TV Ad 2016
CommBank Spot 2016

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