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Holden See More of the World with Holden New Zealand TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Holden TV ad • Holden advert • See More of the World with Holden New Zealand • Holden See More of the World with Holden New Zealand TV ad •
0:00 any new car can take you places but only a new home could take you all the way to
0:06 the museum
0:07 it's just one of the places you can go thanks to hold him because right now you
0:11 learn velocity frequent flyer points on a break range of holding vehicles choose
0:16 from a range of SUVs like this cap table with apple carplay and your loan 75,000
0:21 velocity frequent flyer points
0:23 so you're holding dealer now and you could see the world later

#Holden #auspol #Commodore #HSV #car #Australia #AbanCommercials

Holden TV Ad 2016
Holden Spot 2016

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