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The Good Guys Take the LG OLED TV Challenge TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
The Good Guys
The Good Guys TV ad • The Good Guys advert • Take the LG OLED TV Challenge • The Good Guys Take the LG OLED TV Challenge TV ad • LG OLED TV’s get put to the test to see if customers notice a difference between the conventional LG backlit LED/LCD TV’s and LG OLED TV’s with no backlight. The differences are stark, with blacker blacks and brighter and sharper images.

0:00 when it comes to television the hottest technology right now is
0:03 : we've decided to put our led to the test to see if regular shoppers can see
0:08 the difference between traditional screens and OLED screens this TV
0:12 different looks cara black black hair rather sharp air
0:16 what I have to say that one's got a superior picture like a black sand the
0:20 kallah see more vibrant the colors brighter the picture sharper and looks
0:24 just bad presented picture
0:25 this one is unbelievable it's so clear I can't even believe how clear it is
0:30 compared to the one on the left
0:31 but don't take our word for it go down to the stores and take the old challenge
0:36 you really will see the difference for yourself

The Good Guys TV Ad 2016
The Good Guys Spot 2016

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