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Domain AVALON NOW S2 Winter is coming TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Domain TV ad • Domain advert • AVALON NOW S2 Winter is coming • Domain AVALON NOW S2 Winter is coming TV ad •
0:00 sometimes I feel as I care more about the game of thrones characters in my own
0:03 family and and i think that could be
0:05 that's wrong is that wrong that's wrong that's wrong they're in so much trouble
0:10 though I mean this like do you feel
0:13 winter is coming to avalon Justin
0:21 maybe that's what I'm I'm just afraid that when this wind is coming it is
0:25 coming
0:27 despite the word association thing that we did with the with the water is coming
0:31 winter is coming
0:37 you will feel empowered harder harder
0:42 winter is coming to Babylon
0:45 I'm not going to do at the same time winter is coming

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Domain TV Ad 2016
Domain Spot 2016

DomainAVALON NOW S2 Winter is coming Commercial

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