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Audi Sport - Manifesto TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Audi TV ad • Audi advert • Sport - Manifesto • Audi Sport - Manifesto TV ad • Born on the track, built for the road.

0:00 join the never satisfied
0:05 the hard workers
0:07 the early rises and the overnighters join the Pioneers the passionate join
0:15 those who fight the impossible
0:16 those who fight the status quo
0:19 those who imagine the future and make it happen
0:23 the designers the clay models the engineers the test makers the test
0:27 makers the test makers
0:30 join the pilots the pits offers
0:33 do you want to go fast to join a race that is so much more than just finished
0:37 in first place
0:39 join the eternal challenges the people who think that even after becoming
0:42 number one
0:43 you can still become a better number
0:45 join a vision the vision of the beach
0:49 you see Power others don't join the story
0:53 join history history of constantly rewriting history
0:57 join the League of performance


Audi TV Ad 2016
Audi Spot 2016

AudiSport - Manifesto Commercial

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