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Nissan QASHQAI - NissanConnect TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Nissan TV ad • Nissan advert • QASHQAI - NissanConnect • Nissan QASHQAI - NissanConnect TV ad • The Nissan QASHQAI is the ultimate package for people in the know. With NissanConnect, it's here to help you master the modern world.

0:00 this is the nissin cash kaity I it's the ultimate package for people in the known
0:06 because the cash card comes with Miss and connect across the range
0:11 the smart technology that puts all your favorite apps at your fingertips and
0:15 keeps you connected
0:16 whenever you're on the moon you can search the best bars clubs and
0:20 restaurants feel like a local wherever you are
0:24 built in google online search will help pinpoint your destination and what a
0:30 trip without some tunes connect to pandora and you can listen to all of
0:34 your favorite songs through pandora is free internet radio or you could always
0:39 listen to someone else's favorite songs
0:41 meanwhile listens onboard navigation system with traffic monitoring gives you
0:47 a choice of the most direct the smartest route
0:50 so you can spend less time going nowhere
0:53 when it comes to space the cash guy is plenty of room for you and your friends
0:58 arrive at your destination
1:00 checking on facebook and I'll be right there with you

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Nissan TV Ad 2016
Nissan Spot 2016

NissanQASHQAI - NissanConnect Commercial

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