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Release Date: 2016-07-27
Nissan TV ad • Nissan advert • QASHQAI - Style and Design • Nissan QASHQAI - Style and Design TV ad • Bold, capable and commanding all at once, the all-new Nissan QASHQAI is designed with street smarts in mind. With razor sharp reactions, a playful and a provocative profile, it's an SUV like no other.

0:07 this is the nissin cash guy TI the first thing you'll notice when you get in
0:11 because you won't want to get out
0:13 not surprising really the premium rich leather accented interior makes you feel
0:18 right at home in the zero gravity inspired seating and adjustable ambient
0:22 lighting gives a touch of luxury that you don't find in regular SUVs on the
0:27 road
0:28 the advanced driver sis display provides animated real time stats and info
0:32 graphics right before your eyes
0:35 the cash cars interior is more than comfortable enough for the longest drive
0:39 for the longest midnight movie marathon

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NissanQASHQAI - Style and Design tvc
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