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Countdow Feed Four for $15 - Moroccan Chicken TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
countdow TV ad • countdow advert • Feed Four for $15 - Moroccan Chicken • countdow Feed Four for $15 - Moroccan Chicken TV ad •
0:00 it's not easy getting kids to try new things but they love this Moroccan
0:06 Chicken just the right amount of flavor without too much spice and if you don't
0:11 have all the spices
0:12 this is rocking season that's the trick this is also a great dish for this
0:16 lunker either way we have a great tasting meal for more inspiration visit
0:22 our feet 4 415 online hub


Countdow TV Ad 2016
Countdow Spot 2016

CountdowFeed Four for $15 - Moroccan Chicken Commercial

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