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Choice Grounded? Don't pay for their delay TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
CHOICE TV ad • CHOICE advert • Grounded? Don't pay for their delay • CHOICE Grounded? Don't pay for their delay TV ad • CHOICE's new tool helps you take charge. If you’ve been grounded, make a complaint to your airline.

0:01 when your flight is delayed
0:04 it's more than just a costly asshole it's time lost exploring a new place or
0:10 catching up with friends and family
0:14 choice believes you should get compensated when airlines make mistakes
0:18 which is why we've made this easy-to-use tool to complain directly to the
0:22 airline's don't pay for their delay complain


Choice TV Ad 2016
Choice Spot 2016

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