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Release Date: 2016-07-19
McDonald's Maccas TV ad • McDonald's Maccas advert • Aussie Chicken ‘n’ Pineapple • McDonald's Maccas Aussie Chicken ‘n’ Pineapple TV ad • Legends all over Australia are putting the hours in cheering on our Olympic athletes - and that’s hungry work. That’s why Macca’s have created the Aussie Chicken and Pineapple burger. Your choice of grilled or crispy chicken, paired with juicy golden pineapple. With rasher bacon, creamy mayo, cheese and crunchy lettuce on a toasted chilli chive bun, it’s a burger fit for an Aussie legend.

0:00 robbers no Olympian that Mackers he's the Ozzie chicken and pineapple champion
0:04 crispy chicken
0:05 nice bacon brilliant finish with pineapple legend
0:09 we're for Ozzy legends Olympian or not


McDonalds Maccas tv advertising
McDonalds Maccas tv Commercial

McDonalds MaccasAussie Chicken ‘n’ Pineapple tvc
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