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Visa tvc ad, developer Let's build together

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Release Date: Jul-2016
Visa TV ad • Visa advert • developer Let's build together • Visa developer Let's build together TV ad • Visa developer. Let's build together.

0:00 we're all connected like never before and the unsung hero of our connected
0:07 world is the API allowing everyone to post and pin and buy anything from
0:13 anywhere
0:14 creating billions of API calls every single day to keep up with is ever
0:21 evolving ever-increasing pace and scale
0:24 leveraging API is a must no small task unless we work together
0:29 how r commerce together how innovation together
0:33 this is what drives these are developer a powerful api's help make payments
0:39 safer simpler and smarter than ever before
0:43 and these are tools and services help you configure combined and bring your
0:48 ideas to life in ways never imagined reaching millions of businesses and
0:56 billions of people around the world fueled by the sale of visa
1:02 just think what you can build then imagine what we can build together
1:07 the developer let's
1:09 well together


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Visa developer Let's build together commercial 2016

Visadeveloper Let's build together Commercial

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