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Optus tvc ad, Genevieve LaCaze - Support Network

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Release Date: Jul-2016
Optus TV ad • Optus advert • Genevieve LaCaze - Support Network • Optus Genevieve LaCaze - Support Network TV ad • On 3 April 2016, steeplechaser Genevieve LaCaze had some big news to share with her Grandma… • Optus is proud to be Official Support Network to the Australian Olympic Team.

0:14 (Phone rings)
0:16 - Hello? - Is this Genevieve?
0:18 - Hi Grandma - What’s happened?
0:20 I just wanted to call you and tell you I made Rio.
0:22 What? You’re going to Rio?
0:24 - Yeah, so we're going to Rio - That’s absolutely delightful.
0:27 I’m sure Genevieve was born to run, yes, definitely.
0:30 I keep in contact with Genevieve mostly through social media
0:35 She sends me the link and it’s not that hard to...
0:38 click on...
0:39 the little, um...
0:41 I don’t know what – it’s not really a button – but you just click on it and suddenly it all appears for you.
0:46 - When I saw you take off… - Yeah
0:48 Tears came to my eyes, you just looked so strong.
0:52 Come on Gen, come on darling.
0:54 Thanks Grandma, I felt really really good in that race.
0:58 Oh and I read something, before you go, that they’ve discovered now
1:02 that sleep is the best healing mechanism you can have for repairs to the body.
1:07 - Yeah - You need lots of early nights.
1:09 Ok, well I’ll make sure we do a lot of sleeping over the next few months.
1:12 - Ok - Alright, I love you Grandma
1:13 - I love you too - I’ll talk to you over the next few months.
1:15 - OK darling, bye - OK bye
1:20 I just tell her to remember to fly like the wind
1:24 because then you run free.
1:27 You can’t lose.

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Optus Genevieve LaCaze - Support Network commercial 2016

OptusGenevieve LaCaze - Support Network Commercial

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