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nab Women leaders in sport and business matter to AFL role model, Daisy Pearce TV Commercial ad 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
NAB TV ad • NAB advert • Women leaders in sport and business matter to AFL role model, Daisy Pearce • NAB Women leaders in sport and business matter to AFL role model, Daisy Pearce TV ad • Women’s AFL icon Daisy Pearce is determined to inspire young women not to accept limits on what they can achieve in business, sport or any other field. Even if that includes becoming the first female role model in an area themselves.

She’s passionate about doing everything she can to inspire young girls to be whatever they want. And so is NAB. That’s why we’re so committed to supporting and advocating for women in our workplace, the community and business.

NAB supports women in every field through community initiatives such as NAB AFL Auskick, where Daisy got her footy start.

0:02 Footy was just a big part
0:03 of our family really
0:05 Started playing Auskick and
0:06 got involved with the junior footy club.
0:08 Just played because I loved it,
0:09 I mean, I was pretty aware of the fact
0:11 that I wasn't really going to play AFL.
0:13 As a really young kid I
0:15 dreamt of that,
0:16 and once you get a little bit older
0:17 and realise all your heroes on the TV
0:19 are boys, and that's not you.
0:21 I'm really grateful now looking back
0:22 of how supportive my parents were and
0:25 they saw how much I loved it
0:26 and went into that and made sure
0:28 that I could continue playing
0:29 as long as I could.
0:30 Although I still want to be as good
0:31 as I can, and
0:32 winning premierships is the ultimate aim
0:34 I'm really motivated by the fact that
0:36 I do have that responsibility of
0:39 inspiring young girls
0:40 to want to play the game.
0:42 Over the years there's been a lack of
0:44 women, relatively, in business and sport
0:46 in high profile leadership positions.
0:48 If girls don't see those people
0:50 in those positions they're not
0:51 going to aspire to do it themselves.
0:53 So, I think it is important
0:54 that we acknowledge and celebrate them
0:56 so that we show young girls out there
0:59 that they can be anything.


nab TV Ad 2016
nab Spot 2016

nabWomen leaders in sport and business matter to AFL role model, Daisy Pearce Commercial

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