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NRMA Insurance tvc ad, The drones come home

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Release Date: Jul-2016
NRMA Insurance
NRMA Insurance TV ad • NRMA Insurance advert • The drones come home • NRMA Insurance The drones come home TV ad • NRMA Insurance are pioneering the use of drones in helping to assess home claims.

0:00 we're here today to user drawing to assist roof damage to one of their
0:07 customers homes that was damaged in a recent East Coast low weather events
0:10 using the drywall they are simpler and faster assessment process
0:14 eliminating the need to actually gain access to the roof the way it works
0:18 we've got a qualified drone operator and a roof over here on site through having
0:23 a roof on site we can view the damage in real time and get the claims assistant
0:26 process moving the aerial imagery captured allows tell her sisters and our
0:31 customers to view the damage to the home in a live environment where it's safe to
0:35 do so
0:36 this video's we can begin the assessment process much more quickly


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NRMA Insurance The drones come home commercial 2016

NRMA InsuranceThe drones come home Commercial

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